You can check my online portfolio for some projects I have completed. This is not all what I ever done, this is only some examples of them. You may click to each image to see the details.

———————————   Website Themes & Templates   ———————————


The following are examples of my work on the development of PSD and HTML templates, themes for CMS WordPress and Adobe Muse. Some of them are open-sourced and distributed free of charge, while others is commercial and paid.


Anarcho Notepad

Authors Notepad

Simple Notepad

Circus Tent

————————————————   Websites   ————————————————


The following are examples of some of my works on the web-mastering (I can not show all due to the privacy policy). Web-mastering is not only the process of creating a design, and engineering. Also it covers many aspects related to the maintenance and management of the website.


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