Hello. My name is Arthur Gareginyan.  I'm  30 years old. Currently I live in Kyiv, Ukraine.

—————————————————   Work  —————————————————


I'm an independent designer, software and web developer (full stack software engineer) who cares deeply about beautiful design and elegant code. I specialize on the WordPress API, Bootstrap, PHP, JS, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. I’m fascinated by graphics and design, and for several years I’ve been working on projects for many people and organizations. I am the founder & CTO at Space X-Chimp . and the founder of tech blog «My Cyber Universe » , the author of more than a dozen free and premiumplugins for CMS WordPress and the author of several themes for different platforms. From May 2013 to May 2016 I was the owner of web-hosting «Anarcho Hosting». I am also involved in the development of different open source software.


My intention is to create projects that will make this world a better place. I am really passionate about my work, I like what I am doing and hope that you will be enriched by my projects too.


Now I’m in the process of finding an interesting job, preferably in USA, Canada or Israel. I have the experience of living in Switzerland, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia and some other countries. I’m very sociable . I’m always interested in hearing of project ideas and opportunities, so feel free to contact me .

————————————————  Education  ————————————————


1998 - I went to The Russian Gymnasium at The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg (Grammar School №199) with historical bias. There I fell in love with the history.



2003-2005 - I enrolled in the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) at the faculty of History. But after more than two years of study in this great University I was faced with financial difficulties, and I was not able to finish study, so I don't have the degree. My education was largely in history, but also in philosophy and languages. I was a Deputy headman of the group. MSU is my alma mater.

——————————————  Honors & Awards   ——————————————


The winner of the district contest of creative works.

May 2002 - Moscow, Russia - The Department of public education of the Russian Federation

Diploma of II degree. Creative work in English, an essay. Theme essays: "From the grain of good - the flower of kindness".


1st place in the district contest of creative works.

May 2002 - Moscow, Russia - The Department of public education of the Russian Federation

Diploma for outstanding achievements in the field of literary creativity. Theme essays: "My future profession".


2nd place in the open championship of the club "Удар" (Kick) on Thai boxing.

April 2003 - Ramenskoye, Russia - Клуб "Удар"




Letter of thanks to my parents.

Date: June 2002

Organization: School №29, Moscow, Russia.




Date: June 2002

Organization: School №29, Moscow, Russia.

———————————————    Personal Life   ———————————————


I am a Designer, Tech writer, Software engineer, Blogger, Techie, and Explorer, tinkering with new technologies and existing systems to change the world. I very much love to engage in reverse engineering.


In my spare time, I like to ride on a skateboard. I love motorcycles. Previously I owned a motorcycle Aprilia RS. Then I had a sporty BMW Z3 roadster, but I was in love with two-wheeled beasts.


I love my beautiful wife. Family is the most important thing for me. Family is what calms me.


I love to travel and have already many traveled. I was in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Norway, Turkey, Lithuania and some other countries. I have hitherto spent a considerable part of my life living outside my homeland, mostly in Russia.



I was raised bilingual, my native languages is Russian and Ukrainian. I know English and I know a little Armenian language. Also I try to learn more languages, like Spanish and German.


I am an introvert, so while I love talking to people, I feel my best and think clearly when I'm alone and free of distractions.


My interests are:


  • Reading
  • History
  • Travel
  • Sport cars and motorcycles
  • My wife
  • Graphics
  • Design
  • New technologies
  • Computers
  • Programming (Coding & Engineering)
  • Tinkering
  • Robotics


      ... and many more.


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